TK2 Premium Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Floor Brush (VB133)

TK2 Premium Turbo Brush (VB133)
TK2 Premium Turbo Brush (VB133)
TK2 Premium Turbo Brush (VB133)
TK2 Premium Turbo Brush (VB133)
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TK2 Premium Turbo Brush - high efficiency turbine for maximum brush rotation. Suitable for both hard and textile floors. Suits 32mm rods. Quality European made product widely used in commercial cleaning.

Turbo Brush with 32mm fitting widely used in commercial cleaning.

Designed to lift the debris from carpet, this tool is great for the pet owner and is ideal for cleaning pet hair from carpet and furnishings.

The turbine-driven roller brush lifts the pile and makes carpets look and feel cleaner.

Note - This floor tool relies on air flow to enable the turbine to spin and create suction. The performance of this floor tool may be impacted if used on a high pile carpet as the pile has the potential to limit or cut off the air flow.

Available to suit popular 32mm (pipe size) makes and models.
Designed for use with higher performance vacuum cleaners and ducted vacuum systems.
Made in Switzerland.

To calculate what size you require, measure across the diameter of the pipe you have. It will be either 32mm, 35mm or 36mm.

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