Gulper Pro - 32mm fit - 29cm wide (VB851)

Gulper Pro - 32mm fit  - 29cm wide (VB851)
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Designed with the commerical cleaner in mind.

Suitable for a 32mm rod. Tool is 29cm wide and features:

  • Ball bearing wheels (yellow) - free spinning and guaranteed to last
  • Patented Edge-Clean pulls airflow from the sides of the tool. Perfect for furniture & skirting boards.
  • Wide orifice for greater airflow and reduced blockages
  • Yellow bumper to prevent scuff marks
  • Replaceable squeegee blades (see our part VB890)

Designed specifically for the commercial cleaning industry, the Gulper Pro floor tool is a proven performer!

With extra strong nylon/ABS construction and lightweight for all surface cleaning, this floor tool features large rubber ball bearing mounted wheels for smooth action and extra long life, twin squeegee blades, patented edge cleaning. 29cm wide with a peripheral nylon protection strip. 1 floor tool per pack.

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