Volta vacuum cleaner bags (VB042)

Volta vacuum cleaner bags (VB042)
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10 paper bags per pack.

Suits VOLTA Campus U4700, Campus Gen 3 U4710, Compact 1375, U4503, Compact Go U1220, Compact Plus, U3601VP, U3601, Compact Plus U3407, Contour Gen 3 U4210, Delta, Gemini Series 2 U4502, U4504, U4505, Gemini Gen 3 U4510, Mega Gen 3 U5010, Mightymite Gen 3 U4214, Powerlite U4502, Power Plus U4401, U4410, U4411, U4430, U4431, U4490, U4491, Pulsar U4503, 7 Series U7807, Ultima Gen 3 U5011, Ultima Pet Plus U6011, Xio

Twin walled, high quality replacement bags featuring a Heavy Duty cardboard collar with a rubber membrane for better fit and seal.

Collar dimensions = 109mm wide x 100mm high
Cardboard Hole diameter = 50mm

The bag is reversible to suit vacuum compartment, i.e. can go in direction of arrow or the opposite way

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