Car Vacuum Kit (VB861)

Car Vacuum Kit (VB861)
Car Vacuum Kit (VB861)
Car Vacuum Kit (VB861)
Car Vacuum Kit (VB861)
Car Vacuum Kit (VB861)
Car Vacuum Kit (VB861)
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Vacuum car kit. Suitable for most vacuum cleaners. Ideal for use on Car Console, Car Seat, Floor Mats, Crevices or Household use on computers and keyboards, DVD Players and stereos. Ideal for Pet Hair. Kit includes:

  • Mini Hand Turbo Brush
  • Flexible Long Crevice Tool
  • Mini vac kit
  • Upholstery tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Adaptor for 32mm to 35mm fit.

This great value kit includes a great range of accessories to use for keeping your car internior clean. Accessories are 32mm but can fit a 35mm rod or handle with the included adaptor.

Kit includes:

Mini Hand Turbo

  • features a Pet Hair Comb that can be rotated up and down as needed;
  • High Performance Turbine System for high efficiency and low noise;
  • locking mechanism for easy access to open the cover for cleaning and maintenance
  • durable transparent cover enables visibilty of any blockages in the brush

Flexible Long Crevice Tool

  • 55cm long and flexible to reach inaccessible locations

Dusting Brush

  • ideal for dusting corners and crevices

Microfibre Cloth

  • Absorbent microfibre
  • Lint and streak free
  • Machine washable

Upholstery Tool

  • Ideal for use on car seats and floor mats
  • Use in your home to clean curtains and upholstery

Mini Car Vac Kit includes

  • a straight extension tube, curved extension tube, mini dusting brush, mini round crevice brushe, mini crevice tool.
  • converter, mini tool adaptor and hose to enable connection to the handle of your machine.

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