Genuine Vacmaster L-Class HEPA Cartridge Filter (VB458)

Genuine Vacmaster L-Class HEPA Cartridge Filter (VB458)
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Genuine Vacmaster L-Class* HEPA13 Cartridge Filter for dry use only.  Suitable for all standard 20 - 60 litre Wet & Dry Models in VQ, VK and VJE series.
(excluding VDK1430SFC-01L, VF1515HJ, VK1638SWC & cordless wet & dry models).

Vacmaster genuine part number VM951316.

Maintain or increase your vacuum's filtration performance with this HEPA 13 certified cartridge filter.  It captures the finest dust and allergens, removing at least 99.95% of air particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter.  Suitable for allergy sufferers.  Clean by tapping and then brushing the dust away from between the pleats. Replace at regular intervals to maintain optimum cleaning performance.

*. L-Class = Light hazardous dust class.  Suitable for general dust and dirt, gypsum/plaster and aluminium.

NB. Essential filter for L-Class Certified vacuum cleaners.  Not suitable for maintaining M-Class certification when used in M-Class vacuum cleaners.


Height (from rim to rim without lid): 165mm
Outer diameter: 185mm
Inner diameter: 150mm

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