Samsung vacuum cleaner bags (VB032)

Samsung vacuum cleaner bags (VB032)
Samsung vacuum cleaner bags (VB032)
Samsung vacuum cleaner bags (VB032)
Samsung vacuum cleaner bags (VB032)
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5 synthetic bags & 1 filter per pack.
Suits Samsung models:
SC6200 series, SC6300 series, SC204C, SC4030, SC4040, SC4042, SC4045,
LGVC6211, VP958, VC91PS, VC220, VC360, VC415S, VC440, VC500N, VC510, VC511M, VC512S, VC513, VC516, VC520, VC523, VC525, VC530, VC533, VC563, VC950, VC5914,
VC6000 series, VC6200 series, VC6300 series, VC6400 series, VC6500 series, VC6700 series, VC7000 series, VC8000 series, VC9000 series
900E, 1000E,
TC9014V, TC9015V,
5900 series, 6100 series, 6300 series, 6700 series, 6800 series, 7100 series, 8600 series

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These bags are a high quality replacement bag for the models listed above. Pack also contains 1 x Universal filter.

The bags are made from advanced multi-layered synthetic material to provide superior filtration and greater air flow.

Collar Dimensions = 109mm high x 100mm wide
Diameter of hole in cardboard = 47mm

Non genuine bags. Manufacturers names and models used for reference purposes only.

Prices shown are per pack of 5 bags.

Suitable for the following series and/or model numbers:
VC6000 series VC6012, VC6013, VC6014N, VC6016V, VC6300, VC6301, VC6302, VC6303, VC6304, VC6306, VC6307, VC6308, VC6309, VC6313, VC6400, VC6400A, VC6400M, VC6400S, VC6440A, VC6440M, VC6440S, VC6500, VC7513, VC6540, VC6700, VC6701, VC6702, VC6703, VC6704, VC6706,
VC7000 series
, VC7100, VC7100R, VC7101, VC7101G, VC7102, VC7103, VC7150, VC7170, VC7171, VC7200, VC7201, VC7250, VC7270, VC7271, VC7400, VC7500, VC7500B, VC7501, VC7502, VC7513, VC7520, VC7540, VC7551, VC7570, VC7575, VC7577, VC7700, VC7714V, VC7714, VC7715VP, VC7716VN, VC7726, VC7726VN,
VC8000 series VC8926EN

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