Pullman AS5 Evolution Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Pullman AS5 Evolution Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
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5 litre dry vacuum cleaner. Ideal for shops, schools, offices, motels & hotels, restaurants and cafes. 1 Year Warranty.

A highly-manoeuvrable commercial canister vacuum designed for schools, offices or restaurants.

- Triple filtration system comprising of a synthetic dust bag, cloth filter & exhaust filter for a more breathable environment
- Castor wheels allow for effortless directional control
- Convenient carry handle allows for easy transportation
- Non-marking anti-shock bumper minimises wear and tear while you clean
- Onboard rod and cable storage for convenient access
- Power head socket for adaptability

Technical specifications:
Model: AS5 Input: 240 volts
Rated power: 900 watts; 1300 watts with power brush socket.
Tank capacity: 5 litres
Weight: 6.6kg
Cable length: 10m
Hose length: 2.5m
1 Year Warranty

Please allow up to 3 business days for dispatch.

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