Philips vacuum cleaner bags (VB024)

Philips vacuum cleaner bags (VB024)
Philips vacuum cleaner bags (VB024)
Philips vacuum cleaner bags (VB024)
Philips vacuum cleaner bags (VB024)
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5 paper bags + 1 filter per pack. Suits Philips models:

AirStar - FC8220..FC8229
City Line - FC8400..FC8439 HR8368..HR8378
EasyLife - FC8200 FC8130..FC8139
Ergofit - FC9250..FC9269
Expression - FC8600..FC8620 HR8300..HR8349
Gemini - FC8202..FC8219
Gladiator - FC8440, FC8445
HomeHero - FC8910..FC8919
Impact - FC8380..FC8399 HR8350..HR8367
Jewel - FC9050..FC9079
Marathon - FC9200..FC9239
Mobilo - HR8500..HR8599
Performer - FC9150..FC9179 FC8680..FC8682
Performer Active - FC8650..FC8669 FC8520..FC8529 FC8563 FC8574..FC8593
Performer Compact - FC8370‚ FC8385, FC8391
Performer Expert - FC8720..FC8729
PerformerPro - FC9180..FC9199
Performer Ultimate - FC8921..FC8925 FC8941..FC8957
PowerGo - FC8240..FC8253 FC8293..FC8296
PowerLife - FC8440..FC8459 FC8320..FC8329
PowerPro - FC8760..FC8769
PowerPro Expert - FC9710..FC9729
PowerPro Ultimate - FC9911..FC9929
SilentStar - FC9300..FC9319
SmallStar - FC8230..FC8239
Specialist - FC9100..FC9139
Sydney - FC9154
Studio(Power) - FC9080..FC9089
Universe - FC9000..FC9029

Superior quality, paper vacuum cleaner bags with a Heavy Duty cardboard collar with rubber membrane. A great value alternative to the genuine S-bag.

This pack also includes a replacement filter.

These bags are a non-genuine brand compatable with the S-Bag. Manufacturers name and model numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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