Panasonic vacuum cleaner bags (VB011)

Panasonic vacuum cleaner bags (VB011)
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5 bags per pack. Suits Panasonic models:-

MC Series:
MC61, MC62, MC71, MC75, MC83, MC88, MC89, MC92, MC93, MC94, MC95, MC569c, MC650, MC652, MC653, MC655, MC700, MC851, MC852, MC2600, MC2700, MC2750, MC2760, MC4700, MC4750, MC4760, MC4850, MC4860, MC4870, MC4880, MC4950, MC4960, MC4970, MC4980, MC5520, MC7000-7999, MC8100, MC8110, MC8120, MC8130
MC-CG Series:
MC-CG383, MC-CG460-469, MC-CG475, MC-CG522, MC-CG524, MC-CG663, MC-CG675, MC-CG677, MC-CG710, MC-CG 4xx series, MC-CG 5xx series, MC-CG 6xx series, MC-CG 7xx series, MC-CG 8xx series
MC-E Series:
MC-E50, MC-E60-89, MC-E90, MC-E93-95, MC-E96-99, MC-E451, MC-E650-899, MCE751, MC-E752, MC-E753, MC-E850, MC-E851, MC-E852, MC-E940-970, MC-E951, MC-E952, MC-E958-989, MC-E960, MC-E962, MC-E970, MC-E971, MC-E973, MC-E975, MC-E977, MC-E980, MC-E1000-1099, MC-E7001, MC-E7002, MC-E7010, MC-E7011, MC-E7012, MC-E7100, MC-E7101, MC-E7103, MC-E7105, MC-E7110, MC-E7111, MC-E7113, MC-E7120, MC-E7130, MC-E7140, MC-E7300, MC-E7301, MC-E7305, MC-E8020, MC-E8110, MC-E8120, MC-E8130, MC-E9001-9003

These bags are a high quality replacement bag for the models listed above.

They feature the following:
- a heavy duty cardboard collar
- double walled for better strength and filtration
- double folded edge for better strength
- made from environmentally friendly paper

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