Genuine Pacvac HEPA Pre-Motor Cartridge filter (VB267)

Genuine Pacvac HEPA Pre-Motor Cartridge filter (VB267)
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Genuine HEPA hypercone filter to suit Pacvac Superpro 700, Superpro battery 700, Superpro battery 700 advance, Superpro duo 700, Superpro trans 700, Superpro wispa 700

Pacvac part number FIL001

Not currently in stock. Orders can be placed for delivery asap. Alternatively, consider part VB439 for a non-genuine version of this filter.

Genuine Pacvac, patented, snorkel-like HEPA filter suitable for the Super Pro 700 series machines listed above. Clean regularly by removing with an easy twist and tapping lightly to remove any dust. Use of this filter will ensure high quality filtration and assist in prolonging the life of the motor.

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