Nilfisk vacuum cleaner bags (VB042)

Nilfisk vacuum cleaner bags (VB042)
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10 paper bags per pack.

Suits Nilfisk models:
Bubbles GM50,
Combat, Combat Ultra Blue & Red,
Compact C10, C110, C20, C120, C220,
Coupe Series
, Coupe Ocean, Coupe Parquet, Coupe Xtra, Coupe Special, Coupe Neo Orange, Coupe Neo Special, Coupe Neo Parquet, Coupe Neo Xtra,
Go series, GM60, GM62, Go Basic GM62, GM64, Go Centuria GM64, GM65, Go Plus GM65, Go Alto,
One Prime
Tempest GM55.

Twin walled, high quality replacement bags featuring a Heavy Duty cardboard collar with a rubber membrane for better fit and seal.

Collar dimensions = 109mm wide x 100mm high
Cardboard Hole diameter = 50mm

The bag is reversible to suit vacuum compartment, i.e. can go in direction of arrow or the opposite way

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