LG vacuum cleaner bags (VB016)

LG vacuum cleaner bags (VB016)
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5 bags + 2 filters per pack.
Suits the following LG models: Shark 400 series, V5000 - V5199, Limpio V4000 - V4099 (D/CD/CT/HD/HT/T), V4400 - V4599, Q250 Series, Turbo T4000, T5000, 6000, 8000, 8100, Turbo Fuzzy, V4360CTV, V4300, Turbo Extra V-4300CT, V4350CT, V4350, V4350HT, V4350CT, V4350DV, V4350TV, V4350HTV, V4350CTV, VC4360, VC4380, Original TB6, TB33, TB34, TB39, TB40, TB43 TB50, VCP732, VCP733, VCP742, VCP743, VCP752, VCP753, VCP963, Fresia FCP243NBB, FCP243WBB, VC504CEU, VCA400 Series , VCA404HEQ, VCA494/STV, VCA500 Series, VCA504CEU, VCA574HTU, VCB Series VCB584STQ, VCB574STS, VCB685HEG, VCC383HTU, VC4360, VC4380, VS484CTQ,

The bags feature:
- a heavy duty cardboard collar with rubber membrane for better a fit
- double walled for better strength and filtration
- double folded edge for better strength
- made from environmentally friendly paper

Collar dimensions:
110 mm high x 107mm wide. Hole is 50mm

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