Kerrick Carpet Extractor KINJ7 Canister

Kerrick Carpet Extractor KINJ7 Canister
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Kerrick KINJ Canister Carpet Extractor is a compact machine that cleans, washes and dries almost any type of textile surface. Includes hand spray-ex tool for car detailing.

With an innovative filtration system, improved performance, robust design and dust class M certification, this range represents a superior solution for professional customers looking for a reliable machine to protect workers health and safety.

Box includes: Flat Filter M Class PTFE, Fleece Filter Bag, Disposable bag, 2 x Stainless Steel extension tubes, Stainless Steel Curved Hand Tube, Suction Hose - anti-static 4 metres, anti-static Tool Adaptor, Hose/Cable Hook, flexible Box Strap, Floor Nozzle, Crevice Nozzle.


- Separate controls of vacuum & pump
- Anti-corrosion stainless steel wast tank
- Removable 7 litre solution tank
- One year commercial warranty.

Technical specifications:
Input: 240 volts
Rated power: 1100 watts
Vacuum (mbar): 235
Airflow: 4260 l/min
Pump: 58 psi
Sound Pressure Level: 60dB(A)
Solution Tank Capacity: 7 litres
Recovery Tank Capacity: 11 litres
Cable length: 10 metres
Dimensions: 485mm x 380mm x 500mm
Weight: 11kg

Please allow up to 3 business days for dispatch.

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