Kambrook vacuum cleaner bags (VB042)

Kambrook vacuum cleaner bags (VB042)
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10 paper bags per pack.

Suitable for Kambrook models Jaguar series (not KVC10) KVC5, KVC11, KVC12, KVC15, KVC16, KVC19, KVC20, KVC30, KVC110-KVC1300, KVC1500, KVC200, KVC400, KVC800, KVC900, KVC1000, KVC18, Charger, Soarer 1800, Soarer 2000, Flight, Glide, Kompact, Light, Pro, Race, Zipi, KVB11, KVB12, KVB19, KVB20, KVB30, KVB40

These are twin walled, high quality replacement bags.

They feature a Heavy Duty cardboard collar with a rubber membrane for better fit and seal.

Collar dimensions = 109mm wide x 100mm high
Cardboard Hole diameter = 50mm

The bag is reversible to suit vacuum compartment, i.e. can go in direction of arrow or the opposite way

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