Hoover vacuum cleaner bags (VB004)

Hoover vacuum cleaner bags (VB004)
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5 bags per pack.
Suits Hoover models:
Liberty Spirit SC024, TC1300
Hotshotz SC032
Marque SC026, SC030, SC032
Aquantronic S3182, S3202, S3377, S3378, S3458, S3472, S3474, S3476, S3648, S3650, S3660, S3676, S3678, S3680, S3706, S3742, S3826, S3864, S3866, S3922, S3928, S4386, SC114, SC116, SC118
Spirit Sprint 8001S, 8003S, 8007S. 8009S, 80135S
Super 1300
S3192, S3194, S3196, S3198, S3200, S3208, S3278, S3280, S3282, S3372, S3374, S3382, S3396, S3398, S3402. S3408, S3422, S2424, S3458, S3460, S3462, S3464, S3478, S3498, S3600, S3602, S3676, S3682, S3684, S3706, S3708, S3710, S3712, S3744, S3746, S3774, S3775, S3820, S4386, VB33, VB41

These bags are a high quality replacement bag for the models listed above.

They feature the following:
- a Heavy Duty cardboard collar with rubber membrane, for better a fit and seal
- double walled for better strength and filtration
- double folded edge for better strength

- made from environmentally friendly paper



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