HEPA Filter to suit Electrolux vacuum cleaners (VB201)

HEPA Filter to suit Electrolux vacuum cleaners (VB201)
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Washable HEPA Exhaust Filter to suit various Electrolux models including the following series - Accelerator, Airmax, Boldio, Clario, Cyclone, Ergospace, Excillio, Jetmaxx, Oxygen, Oxygen +, Oxy3System, Praxio, Power System, Silence, Smartvac, Superpro, Supercyclonic Dust & Gone, TwinClean, UltraActive, Ultra Captic, UltraOne, UltraSilencer.

HEPA filters, filter out up to 99.5% of dust, meaning harmful dust and pollutants are not expelled back into the air after you have vacuumed.  They should be cleaned every now and again to ensure that they are constantly working at their full capability.

These HEPA filters are washable with water.

Suits the following models:
ZAC6705, ZAC6707, ZAC6716, ZAC6717, ZAC6742, ZAC6805, ZAC6806, ZAC6810, ZAC6826, ZAC6827

Airmax ZAM6100, ZAM6101, ZAM6103, ZAM6104, ZAM6106, ZAM6107, ZAM6109, ZAM6116, ZAM6200, ZAM6210, ZAM6220, ZAM6230, ZAM6240, ZAM6250, ZAM6271, ZAM6280, ZAM6290
Bolido Z4500, Z4510, Z4520, Z4520T, Z4525, Z4535, Z4538, Z4590, Z4595, Z4595
Clario Z1900, Z1905, Z19051, Z19052, Z1910, Z1912, Z1915, Z1915M, Z1930, Z1931, Z1935, Z1940, Z1942, Z1943, Z1943M, Z1944, Z1944, Z1945, Z1946, Z1947, Z1948, Z1948M, Z1955, Z1955M, Z1995, Z2000, Z2010, Z2015, Z2018, Z2020, Z2022, Z2025, Z2030, Z2030, Z2035, Z2036, Z2039, Z2040, Z2045, Z2048, Z2050, Z2060, Z2095
Classic Silence ZCS2000
el. ZCS2240vel
Cyclone Z5810, ZC6422, ZCX6422, ZCX6202
Ergospace ZE2200-2299, ZE305-361, ZEG300, 301
Excellio Z5000- Z5295
JetMaxx ZJM68FD1, ZJM6840
Oxygen Z5500-5695, Z5900-5995
Oxygen+ Z7320 - 7399
Oxy3System ZO6320, ZO6330, ZO6350
Praxio Z6020, Z6030, Z6040
Power System
Smartvac Z1710 - 1750
Superpro Z6160
Supercyclonic Dust & Gone ZSC69FD
TwinClean Z8200 - Z8280
UltraActive ZUA 3810 – 3860, ZUAG3800, ZUAG3801, ZUAG3802
UltraOne Z8800 – Z8899, ZG8800, Z90, ZU09925P
UltraSilencer Z3300 - Z3395, ZUSG3900, ZUSG3940P



Approximate dimensions are: 148 x 120 x 25 (mm)

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