Genuine Pacvac Velo H13 Hepa Pre-motor Cone Filter (VB245)

Genuine Pacvac Velo H13 Hepa Pre-motor Cone Filter (VB245)
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Genuine cone filter to suit Pacvac Velo (cord) vacuum cleaners.

Pacvac part number FIL030

The HyperconeTM 4-stage HEPA H13 filtration system effectively filtering out 99.95% of dust particles at 0.3 microns in size to provide cleaner air for your environment by removing even the smallest particles including dust, pollen, smoke, bacteria and mould particles from the air.

This snorkel-like cone filter allows consistent airflow through the vacuum cleaner as the dust bag fills, maintaining high levels of suction, prolonging the life of the motor and delivering high quality filtration. Suitable for cleaning in areas where air quality is essential including schools, hospitality, childcare centres, vets, and aged care facilities.

This filter can also assist in improving air quality in places with high levels of air pollution, and where people may suffer from allergies and respiratory issues. This HEPA Filter is compatible with Velo (cord). 

  • Pacvac approved, genuine spare part.
  • Pre-motor cone filter 196mm.
  • Cone filter.
  • EN1822 Certified and tested by GTT in 2022

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