Genuine Karcher SV 7, SV 1802, SV 1902 HEPA 12 Filter (VB434)

Genuine Karcher SV 7 HEPA 12 Filter (VB434)
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Genuine Karcher HEPA 12 filter suitable SV 7, SV 1902, SV 1802.

Genuine Karcher part number 2.860-229.0.  1 filter per pack.

Help for allergy sufferers and ideal for those who love clean air: HEPA 12 high-performance filter reliably retains pollen, fungal spores, bacteria and mites. High-performance filter guarantees reliable filtration of all allergens and dust and ensures perfect cleanliness. The discharged air is cleaner than the room air, with 99.9% of all allergenic particles larger than 0.3 µ retained.
The ideal solution for people with especially high hygiene requirements.

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