Genuine Karcher H12 filter - 6.414-805.0 (VB417)

Genuine Karcher H12 filter - 6.414-805.0 (VB417)
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Genuine Karcher Hepa H12 filter to suit V6 series, VC 6100, VC 6200, VC 6300, V6 Premium machines.

Genuine Karcher HEPA filter to suit the models listed above. Karcher part number 6.414-805.0.
Filter dimensions are 200mm x 125mm x 49mm.

An advantage not only for allergy sufferers and those with particularly high cleaning requirements: the HEPA 12 high-performance filter (EN1822:1998) consistently captures pollen, allergens, dust, fungal spores, bacteria and dust mite excrement and thereby guarantees perfect, all-round cleanliness. The blower air emitted by the high-performance filter is considerably cleaner and fresher than the room air. In figures: 99.9% of all allergy-triggering particles over 0.3 µm are safely captured.

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